Helping you reach your fullest potential.


We are providing solutions that can enhance the future, tagging along with us can expose your capabilities to meet the highly technical requirements of the market.

We also conceptualize, and create new products which is tailor made to fit the needs. 

Corporate Health and Wellness

At 8een, we hardly make use of papers. Our Aim is to create paperless working environment.

We believe in work and fun both, so at our terrace office, we make sure that the weekends are not boring and working can be a lot more healthy than the traditional 9-5

our Company-Paid Benefits

We offer our team to travel and meet clients at their locations if required, work from home is a complete freedom. We also ensure that our team has regular rest and relaxation activities for a healthy creative mind.

Voluntary Employee-Paid Benefits

We promote the talents to create products and services which can help the societies in various tangents of life. These creatives are then shared in the market. We also share the deals at a mutual acceptance.

Training and Career Development

Training is fun, we believe in sharing knowledge. At 8een we do not have hierarchy system. We train individuals according to their capacity and enhance their quality in the fields they expert.

Pride in Working With Us

We have completed 3 years now. We understand that everybody has their best, and we try nourish the best in them.